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Why this system should work:

There would be a set route to the top and drivers would not ever have to worry about being overlooked by team owners. Motor racing is currently one of the hardest sports to get started in. This new system would make it more accessible than a lot of other sports, because it would have a set structured system that everyone would know about.

For the spectators, they would know that they are watching the best drivers. If one driver dominates, they would know that it is because they are watching a great driver and not for any other reason, as can happen in Formula One.

The emphasis would be on the drivers and on racing skill. Unreliability and pit-stops would no longer decide races. All cars should be ultra-reliable and would last a race without needing new tyres or fuel.

Anyone can take part. It would be much cheaper to get into than the current system, especially with the arcade game, and there would likely be no charge beyond the first racing level. Even if people donít want to race for real, they can take part in the system by playing the arcade game or buying the computer game. There would be arcade championships open to anyone who wants to take part. People playing the arcade game and computer game would be able to directly compare their lap times with the world's top arcade drivers.

People who like comparing statistics would have a lot more to interest them. Driversí statistics would have a lot more meaning than in Formula One. There would be a set number of races per season which would not change, and the points scoring system and number of drivers would not change either. When someone scores the record number of points in a season, it would not be because they happened to be in the best car that year, or because there were more races that year, or because the points system was changed. It would be a meaningful record.

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