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Toby Pereira's Philosophy

After many years in the making, my book on the philosophy of consciousness - “Stuff and Consciousness: Connecting Matter and Mind” - was published on 31st May 2014. You can buy the print version from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com or BOOKS etc. (which is supposed to be a better ethical choice than Amazon). The Amazon Kindle version is available from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com. I talk about some of the areas covered by my book in my YouTube channel. Among other videos, there are currently five videos related to my book on there, linked to below.

Free Will Disproved

Mary the Colour Scientist

Translating Brain States to Conscious States, with a Discussion of Swampman

Penrose, Gödel and Consciousness

Some Thought Experiments on Personal Identity

I have also made a few Listmania lists on Amazon (lists of books):

Books on the Science and Philosophy of Consciousness

Anthologies in Science & Philosophy of Consciousness & Mind

Anthologies in Consciousness and Mind Part 2

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