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What is wrong with Formula One?

There are several problems with Formula One as it currently stands. First of all, success in Formula One is not just about being a good driver but also about finding your way into a competitive car. Many drivers are in cars that are not good enough to win races with, whatever the driver does. And there is no guarantee that a top driver in a slower car will eventually find themselves in a race-winning car. So unlike many other sports, winning is not just about being the best. Many people do not consider Formula One to be a proper sport because itís more about the machinery than the individual competitors. No-one would take tennis seriously as a sport if they knew that the two players in a grand slam final had made it there because they had superior rackets.

The problems are not just at the level of Formula One, but are there througout the motor racing hierarchy. To get into Formula One in the first place, you need to get the right breaks in the lower formulas and the right financial backing. Thatís not to say that skill doesnít come into it, but itís not as a big a factor as it should be.

So how do we get motor racing on the same level as other individual sports where skill is the biggest determiner of success? Teams would have to be got rid of, and drivers would race as individuals. It would no longer be about which company has the ability to produce the best product to compete on a track. I am interested in drivers racing against each other on equal footing. And this would also have to apply right down the hierarchy of formulas. No teams, just drivers racing for themselves in equal cars. Promotion, and indeed relegation, through the formulas would have to be decided purely on results so that no-oneís subjective decision can impede a driverís progress through the ranks. Of course, teams are currently such a big part of motorsport that it might seem unthinkable to dismiss them as irrelevant. If this system does take off, there would still be rival forms of motorsport that have teams and constructors. They would each have their own goals, but the goal of this system would be to find the best drivers in the world and have them compete against each other.

Teams in Formula One pick their drivers for a variety of reasons; driving ability is just one of these. Even if a team were to attempt to pick a driver entirely on merit, it would have a very difficult job since there are no objective measures in place!

Motor racing is also currently very expensive and inaccessible so that very few who want to take it up realistically can. This system aims to change this.

This is a basic summary of the flaws of the current system. Read on to find out what needs to happen next!

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