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The arcade game

Each season, there would be a certain number of free places in the lowest racing championship for people who achieve a certain level at the arcade game. This would probably be determined by setting a certain lap time or a run of laps wuthin a certain time, all on an empty track. Those who manage that will be given the opportunity to show their skills under supervision so there is no chance of any underhand tactics such as getting someone else to drive. The arcade game would also have a racing mode, but that would just be for fun, as the way into the championship would be by setting lap times on an empty track.

There would also be an equivalent computer game, available on a wide range of formats, for people to practise on, and as a game in its own right, but only times registered on the official arcade machines would count towards the free racing. The computer game would also have a career mode so that you can start at the lowest karting level and work your way to the top.

A possible criticism of the arcade game is that there would be little or no correlation between skill in a computer game and skill in real motor racing. Firstly, I would disagree, as some racing games are quite realistic these days, and there would certainly be an overlap in the skills used. But regardless of the level of correlation, it would still work as a cheap and merit-based way of getting into an otherwise expensive sport. It also only gets you in at the bottom level, which anyone can enter if they pay the entry fee.

As well as being a way into the motor racing system, the arcade game would have its own separate championships. People playing the computer game at home would be able to compare their own lap times with the world’s top arcade racers. Most modern racing games have the option to set up the car, but this game wouldn’t, in order to put more emphasis on driving skill.

There should be a lot of money generated from the arcade game and the computer game sales, and it would hopefully go a long way to funding the system.

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